BLINKIES® (PATENT PENDING) are designed to be used in small to medium size trees, but may possibly be used in large shrubbery. A ladder and/or long pole may be necessary for aid in installation.

To avoid electrical shock, never assemble, or disassemble while product is connected to power source. Avoid connecting or disconnecting product while standing in water. Never allow water to collect around product. Product should always be used with ground fault circuit interrupters which are readily available at most hardware stores, home improvement centers, etc.

The light cord will be more flexible and easier to work with when it is room temperature.

This is a special, delicate bulb that requires tender handling. Always treat them gently to avoid damage to filament. Bulbs blink randomly in no particular order. When first plugged up, all lights should be on solid. It may take a few seconds for all bulbs to start blinking properly. Should one bulb burn out, the others will still light as they are independent of each other.

Unfurl cord and screw all bulbs into the sockets. Plug in to power and make sure bulbs are working. When lights are plugged in, do not move or handle bulbs. Unplug from power source while installing and arranging in tree. Run an extension cord up the tree...preferably green or brown to blend in with the natural color of the bark and canopy of the tree itself.

One “set” of BLINKIES® consists of two (2) strands of lights, each 36 feet long and containing six bulbs each...for a total of 12 sockets and 72 feet of cord. We include 14 bulbs so you'' have a couple of extras. Use all on one tree - or - separate the strands to accomodate lighting two smaller trees.